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Very simple network - two computers in a workgroup

One - Laptop - is used only for Quickbooks and locked in a cabinet when not in use.
The other - Desktop - is general purpose and availahble to anyone with logon credentials.

Both in same workgroup, they have identical user names and passwords, both get IP addresses from same gateway.

Wireless adapter is disabled on Laptop, so connected by cable only.

Here's the question:
On Desktop - Network\Properties says:   Network Connection Public Network
On Laptop/ Network\Properties says:      StJohn2 Private Network

It seems to me that both should be Private Network

Where/when/how did the Network name StJohn2 happen?
Leptop is a new machine in the mix and was set up by someone else.
How do I get them on the same set of settings?
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Navigate to Network and Sharing Center on the PC with a "public" network. Inside there you should see an abbreviated network map and right below that you should see "Active Networks". You should be able to click the "Public network" link and change the network type in there. For your setup this would become a "Work Network".
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what version of windows are you running at the computers?

in the network and sharing centers for the desktop pc, do you see only one adapter (one network)? or are there some (maybe virtual) network adapters displayed? as William told, you could try to double-click onto the icon for the public network you want to change. if the double-click doesn't work, you may have encountered a known bug of windows 7 which is described (with a workaround) at 

alternatively to this you may follow the below hints:

on the screen that you cant get to there is a check box and perhaps a similar box when setting up a new network which reads - "treat all future networks as public and dont ask me again". if that was checked once, it never could be made reverse.

to override this you may use policy editor by

- goto the start menu and type: gpedit.msc
- find branch: computer config>windows settings>security settings>network list
- there you should see your network listed on the right
- don't select it but look for 'all networks'
- select properties and down there is a radio button for 'user can change location'
- select that and click ok.

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Windows 10.  I might not be at that machine until after the moderator starts pinging me for neglecting this question, so I'll close now and start over if these answers don't solve my problem.  Thanks to you both.

No problem.

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