How can I see if someone is logged into my computer

Joseph Salazar
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Have a client who was logged in remotely using Logmein

All of a sudden the mouse was moving and opening files

She does not know if her laptop is hacked or if someone could be in the office or hacked into her computer at the office

How can I see when a computer log that shows when someone logs in?

Either on the Server or Windows 7 Desktop

We have a server 2012 r2 and the Workstations are all Win7-Pro 64bit with all patches applied

We have a Sophos firewall and sophos Antivirus and Intercept X on all pc's

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If a user is remoted into a PC using logmein the reason she's seeing the mouse move is because someone is physically moving it on-site. It's very unlikely she's been "hacked" as that would have required her to give them "permission" in some way. Seems more to me like someone is fooling with her PC in the office. If this is after hours, you may want to look into whatever cleaning service you've hired to make sure they're not misusing your hardware for their own personal leisure at work.
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How exactly is logmein configured? I'd recommend making sure that it's set so that the local keyboard and mouse are locked during remote sessions.

Also, the screen should be blanked during remote sessions:

Those two steps would at least prevent someone in front of the computer from doing anything.

You could try to use login events from the domain controller, but that also assumes that your user is logging off the computer when they leave the office.
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Check windows logs:

Press Windows button + R and type eventvwr.msc.
In event viewer, Expand Windows Logs, and select System.
In the middle you’ll see a list with Date and Time, Source, Event ID and Task Category.  The Task Category pretty much explains the event, Logon, Special Logon, Logoff and other details. Also you can audit the successful or failed logon and logoff attempts in the network using the audit policies:

The event Details will contain the UserSid of Account logging on, which you can match with a list obtained from Command Prompt using:

wmic useraccount 

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How to Find Out if Someone's Secretly Been Using Your Computer

Hope this helps!
Joseph SalazarVice President - Senior IT Consultant


Yep it is a Defective Mouse

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