g-suite and exchange

I have an exchange server using contoso.com (lets say) I have another section of the company that uses Gsuite. That section of the company wants to use contoso.com as their domain name but obviously everything runs through my exchange server and I have the added complexity that I will soon be moving to a hybrid O365 setup.

Is there any supported solution for this? sure I can add SPF for mail out from gmail and mail routing via exchange for mail in but its dodgy setup. Any ideas? thanks.
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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
The setup is possible but would be remain complicated

You need to play with internal relay domains, forwarding email address etc with help of some other dummy domain as well
Also you need to setup contact management

Better you hire consultant for this
AntzsInfrastructure ServicesCommented:
I such a situation, I would opt to host my own email gateway.  As this will gives more control over email routing and spam control as well.

So no matter where the email server is being hosted at, all I need to do is configure the routing on my email gateway to distribute the email to the respective email server.
Sunil ChauhanExpertise in Exchange Server, Office 365 & Powershell ScriptingCommented:
where is the entry and exit point in this scenario?

if its gsuits to exchagne and then to your gatway for in and out. then you can do the following,

first register the contoso.com to your Gsuits, once added you should be able to add those required smtp email IDs to those users Mailuser Object in On-premise AD, your gsync should sync the smtp to there google accounts, once done, your mail flow for them should work without any changes as email going out from exchange and gsuits to exchange should already be trusted.

in the same scenario for your office 365 you can do a hybrid setup and choose the centralized mail routing and all should come and go out from the existing gateway and from exchange to 365 and gsuits.
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