why is my woocommerce plugin not sending notification emails to my client's emails address?

why is my woocommerce plugin not sending notification emails to my client's emails address?

I have more than one email and its sending to them on some emails...checked customers emails...they're not getting them either and no spam or junk folder mails either.

I've read about smtp settings on other plugins but I'm not sure which ones to reset or what to adjust.
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Peter HartCommented:
I assume you have  set up the and enabled  emails  to clients in the woocommerce settings?

there is a plugin to test the emails:


it this is all set up it may be a server problem - set up a a separate php script to test emails and talk to the hosting company. sometimes an ip range of servers gets blacklisted and emails are stopped by receiving servers.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
As chilternPC said, likely this is a server problem.

I private host 100s of high speed, high traffic WordPress sites.

Here's how I've settled on handling email.

1) Get a MailGun account.

2) Input a credit card to turn on all features.

3) First 10K email/month are free.

4) Setup all DNS records they say to setup + ensure their verification tool gives 100% good verification.

5) Issue a test message, to ensure your setup is correct.

At this point email is completely disconnected from you server + flows through MailGun, so MailGun does all the work of ensuring high mail deliverability.

If you simply must get server level mail working (not recommended), then implement my comments in https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/29036679/AWS-EC2-mail-server.html for the first steps of setting up high deliverability, server level mail.

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QuackdeveloperAuthor Commented:
an additional aspect to monitor and setup shouldn't be the solution...not sure at this point what is but checking w/ my vm provider to hopefully figure this out on their end it is indeed on their end...if an additional branch to solve an issue is needed then woocommerce needs to fix the issue
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Mail, with any level of deliverability, rarely works inside any hosting environment, by default.

To have high deliverability using a native MTA + your own IP is a massive amount of daily work.

If you've never managed your own MTA + IP reputation before, just use MailGun + be done with the problem.

You'll be setup + running in a few minutes, with near 100% deliverability.
Peter HartCommented:
it won't be a woo commerce problem. it may be a configuration problem,  it may be a clash of plugins,  it may be the server.

if you install the plugin as I described above it will give you some information on the problem. then you can  to go to either woocommerce or the server people or too look at your installation.  Woocommerce is used on WordPress by millions without an email problem. so it suggests a server problem, or  wordpress set up problem (either the theme is not woo commerce compatible or there is a plugin clash)

the plugin to test the emails:

David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
As chilternPC said, this isn't a WooCommerce problem.

I tend to think this is more a server MTA config problem, rather than plugin conflict.

The way you can make this determination is to use the command line mail program + send an email to one of your own Gmail accounts.

After you send, check your MTA logs. If Gmail accepts your email for delivery + you actually receive the email, then you're good.

Well... On the way to being good... Gmail ascribes reputation to domains + IPs, so this is why it's best to use the same outgoing domain + IP for all your site's email. This way all email being received + read by everyone builds reputation. This is why I use MailGun everywhere. Very easy to build reputation quickly.
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