How to connect 2 seperate subnets 3 rooms with limited cabling. Router configuration

I need the help of you network gurus.  I have 3 rooms (see attached picture).  In the first room, I need 2 pcs that are each connecting to a different subnet (they do not need to talk to each other at all).  The switch for the first subnet is in room2, the switch for the second subnet is in room 3.  Here is my problem, I CANNOT RUN A NEW CABLE.  So I have to figure out how to do this with a single jack in each room.  I can put a router or switch or whatever you tell me in any of the locations, its the cabling that I am limited with.

Please be fairly specific with the setup (please dont respond with just put a router in room 2).  I feel that a patch cable in room 3 from switch to wall jack d is pretty obvious.  But then I feel that I need something like a router in room 2 that is plugged into the switch and Wall Jack C to allow traffic to connect both networks.  Then maybe a switch at wall jack a?  But how do I configure the router to accept traffic coming from wall jack b to understand what traffic goes to the 192.168 network and what traffic to send to the 10.10 network?
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Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
This is a classic case for VLANs (virtual lans). Each port is assigned to one of several VLANS, which operate like individual switches. To connect the two switches together, the single cable run is configured as a VLAN trunk.

Routers are not required, just switches that support VLANs. Any layer3, and most "smart" or "semi smart" switches can easily do this.

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Mal pretty much gave the answer to this. I assume that room 1 has a switch in it, given that there is only one network outlet. What type of router and switches do you have? Would it be possible for you to include the router in your drawing?

Room 1 would be will served by a smart or managed switch. Room 2's switch would need to be smart or managed as well. Based on your drawing, room 3's switch wouldn't matter, but I would have a smart or managed switch there as well in case you decide to have computers on both subnets in there as well down the road.
Jordan TaylorNetwork EngineerCommented:
I would go with the following.


From here just depending on your network gear you should be able to do VLAN tagging. and having VLANs on those SW's as well.

Best Regards.
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