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Software Restriction policies problem on win 7

Good morning all,
We are on Windows 7 SP1 and if I try to install any program I receive the following error:
User generated image
so: win7 pro sp1

the pc is joined to my domain and no particular SoftwareRestrictionPolicies are set.

    how can i verify that rule {399de....9df1} ?
      i note that the path of user profile folder is different from the real folder name and contains the special character ~, can be that the problem?

      Many thanks in advance.
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      Hi Tarros,

      The username in the folder is the same user, the ~ (tilde) is used when using the DOS version of a file/directory name (as it is limited to 8 characters, I think it was 8)

      It is trying to run stub.exe from your Temp directory. Stub.exe seems to be a file used by both Mozilla Firefox & AVG Antivirus products for installation/upgrade. Most likely your domain has a restriction on executing files from the Temp directory.

      I would suggest clearing out your temp directory, then using Event Viewer try to find what application is erroring during install/update and remove/re-install that application.

      Hope this helps.
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      This looks like there is a path rule set for restricting the path %UserProfile%\Appdata\Local\Temp.  So, if any application trying run from this location can be restricted.

      You need to run gpresult or rsop and found out which policy is getting applied for this user and locate Computer Configuration>>Policies>>Windows Settings>>Security settings>>Software Restriction Policies.
      As was pointed out, it is not a problem, the first torrac~1..

      You said you had a problem, what are you looking to do?
      The {39. Is the GPO GUID.

      If your naming convention is discriptive, the software restriction GPO GUID should match the one reported.

      This rule is an anti-ransomeware type . ...
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