AD User account information

Hi All,

I need all the information Active Directory can provide on a user account:

So far i have this code:

Get-ADUser -Filter 'Name -like "*kelly*"' | select *

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The above code, is that all the information it can provide? is there a better code i can utilise?

thank you in advance.

Kelly GarciaSenior Systems AdministratorAsked:
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Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerCommented:
The select * is redundant. But Get-ADUser will not retrieve all AD attributes. The following command will only get the extended attributes listed in this table:
Get-ADUser -Filter 'Name -like "*kelly*"' -properties * 

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To get additional attributes, you will need to specify their LDAPDisplayname

Here's info on how to enumerate all the possible attributes:

But you may want to just use csvde to export the user:
CSVDE -f export.csv -r "(&(objectClass=user)(samaccountname=username))"

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That will get the all non-null attributes.
Sean Plemons Kelly, CISSPSecurity/Information Assurance EngineerCommented:
Hello Kay,

This TechNet article outlines how to use powershell to query AD for user information.

Directly from the article: "...this article provides an introduction to the fine art of writing Active Directory search scripts using Windows PowerShell. Does this article contain everything you’ll ever need to know about writing Active Directory search scripts? Probably not. But it does include enough information to help you get started."

I hope this helps.
Ajit SinghCommented:
Get-ADUser: Getting Active Directory Users Data via Powershell
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PberSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Add a properties * to your code:

Get-ADUser -Filter 'Name -like "*kelly*"' -properties * | select *

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Kelly GarciaSenior Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
is that for any powershell command, to enumerate all information available you have to do properties * ?
Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerCommented:
Unfortunately no. It all depends on the cmdlet.

Glad to help. :)
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