TSM Exchange backup fail error 418 .

Hi everyone,
                         after a programmed shutdown of our datacenter , the exchange backup is failing with the following error:

11/19/2017 13:37:01 ANS5216E Could not establish a TCP/IP connection with address 'VWARCOSSTSM01:1500'. The TCP/IP error is 'Unknown error' (errno = 10061).
11/19/2017 13:37:01 ANS9020E Could not establish a session with a TSM server or client agent.  The TSM return code is -50.
11/19/2017 13:37:01 ANS1017E Session rejected: TCP/IP connection failure.
11/19/2017 20:16:15 ANS1909E The scheduled command failed.
11/19/2017 20:16:15 ANS1512E Scheduled event 'VWARCOSVXMBX02_EXC' failed.  Return code = 418.
11/20/2017 20:07:29 ANS1909E The scheduled command failed.
11/20/2017 20:07:29 ANS1512E Scheduled event 'VWARCOSVXMBX02_EXC' failed.  Return code = 418.
11/21/2017 20:05:44 ANS1909E The scheduled command failed.
11/21/2017 20:05:44 ANS1512E Scheduled event 'VWARCOSVXMBX02_EXC' failed.  Return code = 418.

The exchange DB´s are healty and balanced,

any idea?

Thanks in advance.
Santiago videlaAsked:
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Confirm there's no currently running or stuck job on the backup server side.
According to the error message it seems that TSM rejecting connection from Exchange.
What server OS the Exchange is running? What Exchange version?
Provide results of:
vssadmin list writers

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Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
exchange version: 2010
server:windows server 2008
writers with no fail status.
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VWARCOSSTSM01- is that your backup server?
Have you confirmed you able to ping it?
Telnet to port 1500 works?
Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
Yes ronin that is my tsm server and the port is working ok . (telnet tested.)
Santiago videlaAuthor Commented:
Ronin: no stucked job on the backup server.  minutes ago i  ran a full backup manually and it ended ok.

thanks in advance.

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