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Hey Experts!  Just wanted to run a scenario by someone.  I have MX100 load balancing with two internet up links by different providers (Comcast - Coax and ATT - Fiber) but my ATT is my primary and manages the site to site VPN as well as client VPN connections.  The DMARK for my Comcast is in the IDF while the DMRAK for my ATT is located 300 ft from my IDF, so we have a Ethernet run from ATT DRMAK to my IDF.  It's long I know but under the 328 ft.  

My ATT up-link started having issues a few weeks ago.    Finally was able to talk to a tech from my ATT and confirm that the Lan port was having disconnects.  My Meraki device doesn't log any issues but it continuously fails over to Comcast provider.  I will be testing the Ethernet run Friday to determine what the issue is.  As I see it these are my options in order of preffrence:

1.- Move my ATT DMARK to my IDF
2.- Run Fiber from my ATT DMARK to IDF
3.- Run/replace Ethernet from my ATT DMARK to IDF

for the moment, not preferred, but I may run a vLan from a switch located near my ATT DMARK to my IDF.  Not ideal but should fix me till I get a permanent solution in place.  Any holes in this option?
chilemooreDirector of ITAsked:
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chilemooreConnect With a Mentor Director of ITAuthor Commented:
Just as a follow up.  I ran some qualifying tests on the cable run and if failed.  We finally got fiber ran and just moved the equipment and it's happy.  Thanks!
William MillerInventory/IT ConsultantCommented:
If your issue is link reliability I would just bite the bullet and run a dedicated fibre line. That said, if you're looking for a less involved fix you put a powered booster somewhere along the existing run. 328ft may be the theoretical limit, but in my experience anything over about 250ft will start to experience noticeable degradation.
chilemooreDirector of ITAuthor Commented:
I was well aware that that end all fix would be to run a fiber run.  I did attempt a buster but that failed.  After purchasing a tester I was able to determine the cable, had connectivity but failed all tests.
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