pfSense Firewall setup

Dear experts, we are testing pfSense firewall but could not access it via LAN network on a PC. This is our diagram:
ISP ------------- pfSense ---------------- Core switch 3750 ---------- PC

with this diagram, we could ping and access pfSense via web browser :
ISP -------------- pfSense -------------- PC

So I guess something wrong with the core switch and vlan setup, but we could not find why. In switch 3750, the interface connected to pfSense has access mode, vlan 100 - the same with pfSense LAN interface.

Could you please suggest?
TjnoNetwork AdministratorAsked:
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Colin_UKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That looks better to me.
Then the router has the same vlan as the firewall and if the PC is allowed to connect (via firewall rules or static/policy routing etc) then the connection will be routed via the router which is a member of the correct vlan.

Couple of questions 1st,

Is the PC and Firewall members of the same network?
Is the interface the PC is on also a member of vlan 100?

TjnoNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Hi, PC is on different VLAN, if we use a PC in the same VLAN, it can access the Firewall
Thats not a fault, that's intended operation. The whole point of vlans is to separate a physical network into virtual networks, so they do not have any interconnectivity. If you want them on different VLANs you'll most likely need a VLAN aware router.

Hope that helps
TjnoNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
You mean the diagram should change to this?
ISP ------------- pfSense ----------------Router -----------------------  Core switch 3750 ---------- PC
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