Set Galaxy MP3 player app to play MP3 files one after another

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I'm in the process of listening to a book that has each chapter saved as an .MP3 file.

This book is contained within a folder within my Spring PCS Android Samsung Galaxy S8 cell phone.

Currently only one chapter plays at a time and then I have to find the next chapter's MP3 file on the phone and play it next. I need the book to play non stop.

How can I set this book to play one chapter's MP3 file one after another using the MP3 Player app which I installed from the URL link below?
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1. Put all .mp3 files on the same folder.

2. On the menu of the MP3 app, click PLAYLIST and create a new playlist and add all the MP3 files for each chapter from the folder in Step 3 and arrange the order of the playlist according to the chapter list.
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