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Reset Win 10 SID

What is the command or method that should be used to reset the Windows 10 Security Identifier (SID)?

My organization has purchased several desktops that have all been loaded with the same Windows 10 OS which was restored using Veeam.

We will be keeping and won't be reloading these operating systems and simply need to make sure there are no conflicts with these computers being added to the same Server 2016 AD domain.

Does anything else need to be done besides resetting the Windows 10 SID and giving each computer a unique computer name?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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The only supported way is to reload them.  It sounds like no research was done on the supported methods of deployment.  Any deployed system MUST run sysprep prior to capture.  There is no way to ENSURE trouble free operation otherwise.

Build a master image with VL media, deploy it properly after syspreping.
I've ran into this before. You can just run sysprep on each machine, reboot, change the name and have no issues.
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What is the exact syntax of the sysprep command I should run on each machine?
Just run C:\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe it will open a GUI select OOBE and the Generalize check box, the second pull down is reboot once you do that it's like you just bought a new PC basically and will ask you to accept the terms change password and give it a random name.