PowerPoint Presenter View in Parallels VM on Mac PLUS mirrored projection

I have a Mac with PowerPoint:mac 2016 on it plus a Parallels VM with Windows 10 and PowerPoint 2016 (PC).

For training sessions, I'd like to be able to connect a projector so that I can present, using Presenter View on the Mac display and display the slide show on the projector.

I also need to to be able to toggle views to show PowerPoint (PC) in mirrored mode (same view on Mac display and projector) so that I can demonstrate various techniques.

The challenge seems to be that these two needs appear to conflict with each other.

I have managed to present using PowerPoint:mac in Presenter View and then swipe OSX monitor spaces to get to PowerPoint PC in Normal View for the demo element but there doesn't seem to be a way to get the Windows environment to invoke display monitoring, independent of the OSX spaces.

There are so many places to setup monitor properties including:

1. OSX : System Preferences / Displays (for mirror/extend) + Mission Control (for spaces)
2. Parallels : Options / Full Screen + View types (full/coherence etc.)
3. Windows : Notifications / Project (Duplicate / Extend)

Is there a way to achieve my objective? My environment:

OSX Yosemite (10.10.5)
Parallels Desktop 11.2.1
PowerPoint:mac 2016 Version 16.8 (171114)
Windows 10 x64
PowerPoint:PC 2016 Version 1711 Build 8711.2037
LVL 14
Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperAsked:
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:

I think you're not going to find a better way than your current setup.

The projector is treated exactly the same as any external display/monitor.

The most important setting is the OSX System Preferences  : Displays .. as this determines how OSX addresses the monitor/projector and supercedes any other setting in Parallels or Windows inside Parallels.

If the OSX Main display is mirrored to the projector in OSX main settings this will also affect how Mission Control and Parallels views work

Inside Parallels .. on the VM settings there is a Full Screen setting under Options where you can bring the OSX Mission Control Spaces system into play.  The problem with these settings is that they can try and override the way OSX is setup resulting in confusion so for now disable those settings

So I'd assume you have
1. In OSX System Preferences : Displays : Arrangement you MIRROR the OSX display to the projector
2. In OSX System Preferences : Mission Control you ensure that 'Displays have separate Spaces' is DISABLED and "When switching to an application, switch to a Space with.." is ENABLED
3. In Mission Control you make sure you have 2 Spaces setup at least .. one with PowerPoint OSX in Presenter Mode and one with PowerPoint Windows in Parallels Coherence
4. In Parallels VM : Settings : Options : Full Screen ensure that the 'Use all displays in Full Screen" is DISABLED and also the sub-option related to spaces.  This stops Parallels 'guessing' what you want to do and gives you better control to enable coherence or full screen in your VM manually

Now you should be able to use keys to switch between Mission Control spaces .. and this will flip between OSX and Windows versions of PowerPoint instantly updating the projector
Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks Eoin. I'm just back in the office after a few days away so have just tried your setup. I can switch between OSX and Windows views on the projector but when the OSX side has PowerPoint:mac in slide show mode using Presenter View (presenter view on the Mac display, slides on the external) it appears to be doing something to override the mirroring (I can hear a display configuration notification sound in Windows as the OSX slide show starts) so I can't see the Windows view mirrored. For OSX PowerPoint to use Presenter mode (which by definition is not mirroring), it must be overriding the OSX monitor setup. All very complicated - I guess there might not be a way to achieve the desired setup.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Unless you drop out of OSX Powerpoint Presenter mode before swapping to the Windows VM Space running PowerPoint for Windows?

There are a few permutations here and while it might not be possible a few more variations could be tried.

Instead of MIRRORING OSX .. have you tried EXTENDING the display/projector as a 2nd screen?   On OSX in Powerpoint in Presenter view .. the client view will be on the Projector as this is the second screen

Now you have to reverse the settings I advised before to try this .. you need to ENABLE the Spaces feature in System Settings : Mission Control and Logout/Login

In Parallels you need to enable the 'Use All Displays in Full Resolution" and then Enter Full Screen mode .. then you should be able to have Powerpoint OSX in one Space .. Parallels on a second space running Windows in full screen in Powerpoint for Windows you select the second display(projector) as the presenting screen .. now you can have both running in Presenter Mode .. you can swap between spaces and it ALMOST works .. you just need to use the CMD + TAB to choose Parallels or OSX Powerpoint to force the projector/second display to properly update and display the corresponding slideshow.
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Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your continued ideas Eoin. I may have introduced some confusion in the two desired modes. What I want to be able to do is to toggle between a "presentation" mode and "demonstration" mode. A picture speaks a thousand words so I've tried to illustrate this below. Left/Right shows the two monitors. Above/Below show the two viewing/projection modes I'd like to be able to toggle between.

Mac multi-monitor setup up need for toggling presenter/demo modes
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
The short answer is NO .. the PRESENTER Mode in Powerpoint in effect forces the display into an extended mode where the MBP and Projector are treated as 2 separate displays .. so while the OSX Powerpoint is running you CANNOT have the Windows Parallels in Mirror Display mode.

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Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperAuthor Commented:
That's an answer Eoin. Not the one I was hoping for but nevertheless, an answer :-)
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