change underscore to hyphen for url in php mvc

I am new to MVC and I have through some tutorials created a mini MVC framework using only php, no dependencies. The problem I have is that not all my pages are going to be just one word. A simple example would be 'contact-us'

I named my page in the views folder, 'contact_us.php' and I create this method in the controller:

public function contact_Us() {

 $data = [

     'title' => 'Contact us'


 $this->view('pages/contact_us', $data);

If I navigate to '' then it works I see the content I should. But I don't want it to be contact_us, I want it to be contact-us

I am not sure if this needs to be done in the existing .htaccess file or if it is done on the core.php file. If anyone wants to see more code please let me know. I just didn't want to post everything here and waste space unnecessarily.
Black SulfurAsked:
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NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
How about just

$this->view('pages/contact-us', $data);

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alternatively, .htaccess will rewrite to a new page address, so if your actual page was contact-us.php  and you wanted to redirect traffic from contact_us.php to contact-us.php you could use this method as well (SEO purposes I presume?).
Black SulfurAuthor Commented:
I think the change needs to be in my core.php file which I didn't post in my initial question:

class Core {
	protected $currentController = 'Pages';
	protected $currentMethod = 'index';
	protected $params = [];
	public function __construct() {
		$url = $this->getUrl();
		// Look in Controllers for first value
		if(file_exists('../app/controllers/' . ucwords($url[0]) . '.php')) {
			//if exists, set as controller
			$this->currentController = ucwords($url[0]);
			// Unset zero index
		// Require the controller
		require_once '../app/controllers/' . $this->currentController . '.php';
		// Instantiate controller
		$this->currentController = new $this->currentController;
		// Check for second part of url
		if(isset($url[1])) {

			// check to see if method exists in controller
			if(method_exists($this->currentController, $url[1])) {
				$this->currentMethod = $url[1];
				// Unset 1 index
		// Get params
		$this->params = $url ? array_values($url) : [];
		// Call a callback with array of params
		call_user_func_array([$this->currentController, $this->currentMethod], $this->params);
	public function getUrl() {
		if(isset($_GET['url'])) {
			$url = rtrim($_GET['url'], '/');
			$url = filter_var($url, FILTER_SANITIZE_URL);
			$url = explode('/', $url);
			return $url;

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NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
I named my page in the views folder, 'contact_us.php'

what if you renamed this file contact-us.php then navigate to '' ?
Black SulfurAuthor Commented:
I changed it back to contact-us.php and added this to the core.php file

if (preg_match('/^[a-z]+-[a-z]+$/i', $url[1])) {
 				$url[1] = str_replace('-', '_', $url[1]);

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That seems to have done the trick.
NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
If you really need to test for '-', strpos() performs better than preg_match()
if (strpos($url[1], '-') !== FALSE) { // catch any url with -
 $url[1] = str_replace('-', '_', $url[1]);

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since str_replace is conditional already why not just do the replace outright in one line without the IF?:
$url[1] = str_replace('-', '_', $url[1]);

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