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J have an e-commerce website and I don't use cookies, however, I know that Woo-Commerce does use cookies throughout the checkout process and I'm pretty sure that Google Analytics uses cookies.  Is there a good Privacy Policy Template out there that addresses Cookies even though my site pages don't use them but my Woo-Commerce Checkout does?

I want to place something on my site Privacy Policy but don't know what.
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Dr. KlahnConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:
I would think something like this would be sufficient if your site is doing business only in the USA.  If it is doing business elsewhere, particularly in the EU, strict adherence to a government policy may be required.

"This site does not place or use cookies.  However, the store is processed by a third party (Woo-Commerce) which does place, use and require cookies.  If you wish to purchase through our site, you must allow third party cookies.  For the details of how our third party checkout uses cookies, see <insert web link here>."
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