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What is HP Touchpoint Analytics

Mark used Ask the Experts™
Starting November 20th, certain Windows 7 workstations in the office have been running HP Touchpoint Analytics Client. I've found numerous posts on both how to download and how to remove this software, but I seem unable to find info on what it is?

What is it?
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If one were to believe it true, it appears to be part of HP Touchpoint Manager. However, I'm not finding concrete evidence to this fact. It seems it's safe to uninstall from Programs and Features. Some are reporting problems with the software tanking PC performance. Some are questioning if it's malware because it's appearing on PCs without consent.


I'm inclined to remove it. But, what is it supposed to DO?


Well, never mind. It's been removed. After another search to the 3rd and 4th pages of Google I still never found any description of what this software is supposed to do. Even a search on HP's home page turned up nothing. Can't be important. Gone.

What I have to assume (IF it is legit) is it's the client that actually runs the Touchpoint Manager. Again, though, whenever I searched this specifically it returned the Touchpoint Manager instead. So I couldn't find anything more than speculation based on the search.