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how to enable a automated service in windows 10 which disable all the services before the shut down of system ,

like.. if we to start our Personal computer then it start all the services on startup it cause the delay in turn on the computer  , so that is why we need to overcome from this give proper idea for this problem.
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You can't disable all services on a PC at startup, but you can disable a fair amount. Windows requires certain services to be available at all times for the OS to operate.


Also, you have to be careful when disabling third party services as you could be attempting to disable security softwares such as Anti-Virus. If this is something you're not comfortable with, then I would suggest consulting your IT department to make sure you're not disabling services essential to the operation of your business.
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Look in Task Manager, Startup to see what is starting. For more detail, get Autoruns from Microsoft Sys Internals and review that (take care with this unless you know what you are doing

How long is too long. My SSD machine smoothly running in 90 seconds - about 200 services running.  My hard drive Desktop with about 125 services is smoothly running in 3 minutes.

I do not regard either startup time as bad or hampering.
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