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Cisco - Duplex mismatch between 3650 and AP2802/AUX-port

I have a 3560 stack(2 switches) ios-xe 16.x - latest ED
and wlc 5585 v. 8.3.x
and APs 2802 connected to the Switches via PoE port And aux port for lacp etherchannel.

etherchannel and load-balance configured as per cisco on the switch,
lag/lacp set enabled on wlc and APs

when the etherchannel comes up, a console message "cdp-4-duplex-mismatch" on the switch appears indicating "duplex-mismatch" for the AUX port of the AP, meaning AP would make half duplex...WlC gui shows full duplex for AUX port but NO packets(might be a known bug as Switch shows packets)
So port might work?? packets are flowing. bit mismatch remains....

should i disable cdp on AUX port or ignoring message??
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