Using the Domain controller as NTP server.

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Hi all,
We have EMC vnx block device and want to setup NTP. I do not know much about the AD. As I know, the end users' PCs get time from DC. The VNX is not part of the AD. We can set up the storage to use authentication or just use time server's ip to sync the time.  Do we need any special setup on the DC to allow the storage to sync the time, in otherword use the DC as the time server?
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A Windows PDC is, by default an NTP server. As of Windows 2012,it only supports NTP v2 and a subset of NTP v3. Generally, routers, switches ect can cope and will sync just fine against a Windows PDC, but sometimes there are incompatibilities.
see: for how windows time works.



We have Windows 2008 functional level AD. I noticed each windows server uses their site's DC as the time server as well as other sites' server (all are in the same local zone). I guess all DCs treated as same other than their roles(FSMO). Do i have to use PD emulator as time server or use a DC close the appliance?

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