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DFS replication sync changes


Does dfsr only sync the changes made to a file between 2 members? (initial sync is already done)
Does it apply to only windows know filetype, eg .txt, .docx, .png...?
How about npdoc files? does dfsr need to sync the whole file everytime it is changed?

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Cliff Galiher
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It depends on the version of windows and how the program handles files. Differential sync was an enterprise only feature in older OSes.  Office uses temp files and renames to work its auto recover magic work, but since that is technically a new file it gets a full sync. So... It depends.
Please clarify your question, important point whether the files you reference are transient during the file editing during which time, an open file can not be replicated until released by the application that opened it.
Dfs-r includes a differential portion.

Check your dfs-replication settings, connection properties to confirm.
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just to clarify, a file that had previosly been replicated between 2 memebers is edited, saved and closed. Will the replication between the members replicate the whole file or just the changes?
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