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is it a good idea to setup own cloud on ubuntu server and enable work space directory for all users does it support mac users, windows users and can we use this for document storing and collaboration, please suggest, thanks in advance.
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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depends if you really want to put in all the resources necessary. Please note, most Cloud solutions are based on high availability and redundancy (meaning not just one server). Then you program all your types of access (web page, desktop and mobile apps). As for collaboration in real time, you need even more resources.
So, if you have a few thousand (up to 100K) USD$ of budget, please do develop your own cloud solution.
If you have exactly 0 dollars to spend, just use Google's solutions (Drive, Docs Sheets)
LBTechSolOperations DirectorCommented:
As Kimputer said.. Also if you are already paying for Microsoft 365 with emails etc you may already have the tools/services available to you within your plan.
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