Will the email address format( username ) change for students after migrating to 0365


We are a school for Example staff name is Justin Holden and the current email address format for staff is:  First Initials of the first name and first two letters of the surname i.e JHO@myorg.como.sch.uk
The students email format is, Year they start followed by the first initials of first name and surname.
i.e if the student name is Johanne Bayley  email will be 17jbayley@myorg.como.sch.uk

Now our school has joined a new trust called Russell Trust and they already use O365
Their current email format for the staff is Nathan.West@russelltrust.org.uk
The trust wants to maintain a standard mail address format around the trust and now they have created sub domain for us i.e. myorg.russelltrust.org.uk
So once we migrate to O365 , the staff email address will change from JHO@myorg.como.sch.uk to Justin.Holden@myorg.russelltrust.org.uk

Now for the students, will it be possible to  maintain the same user naming convention
17jbayley@myorg.russelltrust.org.uk or will it become 17jackie.bayley@myorg.russelltrust.org.uk
Any help and suggestions will be great.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
That's up to you really. O365 only cares about the domain part, as it will allow you to only use domains you own and have verified in O365. As long as you add myorg.russelltrust.org.uk (or did you mean myorg.como.sch.uk?), you will be fine. As for the alias/username/email part, you can enter anything there.

Now whether you will be able to "preserve" them after the migration, that will depend on the migration method/tools you are going to use.
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