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How to prevent a group of Windows PC to prevent screen locking or screen saver ?

Problem: I need to keep all of my big display screens (35+) in the entire corporation to be always on and not running screen saver or even locked away to the login screen.

OS: Windows 7 and Windows 10 [all domain joined]

The most recent GPO changes done by the security team mandated that all normal workstations be locked automatically when idle for 5 minutes (no mouse movements).

Can anyone here please assist me how to configure the Group policy to allow the executable called Caffeine.exe to be executed in the background for all of my Display Screen devices?

I have put them all into specific OU: domain.com/Site1/Computers/DisplayTV

Downloaded from: http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/caffeine/

Any other idea with PowerShell script that runs windows 7 and 10 would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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