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Hell experts, Last year I switched to for my website hosting, all went well but the email setup was not what I was used to. The previous hosting services I'd used allowed 20 or so free forwarding emails, i.e. set up an address and all email could be diverted from that to Fred's existing pop3 account with AOL, BT or whoever. Wix insists on using Gsuite to manage emails, so I bought an email package  and with some fiddling about, managed to get some free forwarding addresses working using email routing. Several months ago, this stopped working, Gsuite seem to have changed their configuration setup and I can't get it going again. My main email works fine and the catchall function works fine but I can't get it to forward particular emails to particular people. I've tried WIX help to no avail. Is anyone out there an expert with Gsuite?
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pcmwalesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've cracked it! Apparently I can't create any further users without buying them, however since the catchall sends everything through to my Gmail, I've set up some filters in there to auto forward the addresses I want and it works. So there's no extra configuration in Gsuite, just in my Gmail. Many thanks for the help.
David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
WIX... shudder... the bane of Website setups...

You have very little flexibility using WIX + zero ability to debug any problems.

Best start with one specific problem + start debugging it, as most email problems will be resolved outside WIX.

If your problem requires no WIX involvement, there's hope.

Start by defining one specific problem along with exact/real user@domain.tld addresses your debugging.

So state an exact email address + what you're trying to accomplish - sending or receiving email + also from inside WIX or completely separate from WIX.
pcmwalesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response, I've been very frustrated with Wix' support and assistance. I have my main gsuite account this is my only gsuite mailbox. What I want to do is intercept mails coming to and forward them to instead of coming to me. As I said, I did get this working last year but I believe gsuite have changed their setup and since then, no go.
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David FavorConnect With a Mentor Linux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
Yep. This has nothing to do with WIX, so there's hope.

All this is Gsuite.

1) First create a account.

2) Create a mail filter to forward all received mail to + either delete the original email or save a copy of the original.

If you have many mailboxes to duplicate this activity, then you can create the mailboxes at your ISP + connect them each to a free Gmail account (which allows 10 email users per free accounts).

Then connect your free gmail account(s) to your ISP mail via a POP3 connection + just setup mail filters in your free gmail account.

This is normally how I setup all client email.

Mail arrives at their server + gets deposited into a POP3 account connected to a Gmail account.

If you do the connect correctly, Gmail support replying as whatever recipient was sent the mail.

Gmail is very clever + flexible.
pcmwalesAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I can't get past the first hurdle. When I try to create a new user, it tells me I have reached the limit for my organization and if I want any more I have to buy them from WIX at $4.95 per month each.
pcmwalesAuthor Commented:
Solved it a different way with some hints from the experts
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