Best online email campaign tool in 2017

I would like to know what is the best online email campaign tool today?  I know the question is vague and subjective, but i would like to have the opinion of E-E Techs based on what we need:

  • We have a private database where we can extract emails/names/etc and produce an Excel or CSV file from it
  • We would like to manage groups from this campaign tool (Newsletters, VIP, Security Updates, etc)
  • We need to update this online tool database regularly, and it should preserve the groups already assigned to people
  • Each database update should list new entries so we don't have to go thru the whole list to know which entry is new
  • Emails should be sent thru our Gmail businness account, so possibly have the possibility to set a maximum of emails to send per day

Of course, it has to manage unsubscribe status and other usual stuff.

Thanks for the information, your opinion count!
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Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerAsked:
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Just my opinion: The best tool for this purpose is NONE for me. And much better than unsubscribe is to delete the spammed mailbox.

Remember e-mails are phasing out and you should rather use some social networking where people come and read the contents when they decide so.

If you still think you need the software then follow the links below:,2817,2453354,00.asp

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Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Not the kind of answer i was expecting.  

  • I've precised Online email campaign tool, not junk installed on my PC
  • There's moment where emails are required.  You might have never met that kind of situation.  Example, in huge environment where thousands of PC have this application on their computers, and installation is made by I.T. and not the end user, they often want to be notified by email before installing it.  They don't allow any end user install them with a simple popup "There's a new version, click here to install it".  These environments are highly secured and we don't have much choice to use emails.  Social networks are for pus...  and as you said, They check it "when they want" (and for me, next year is just fine for social network).  And yes... Unsubscribe is REQUIRED.  So you might create spam filter rules to block everything with "UNSUBSCRIBE" word in it, but you are probably not one of our customer too

And i know how to use Google.  Believe me, before writing a question here, i've spend few minutes doing it first.   But  my point was... does any of you already used some of them and can tell me if one of them fit for the specs i've given.

Something like: "I'm using this one and it fit perfectly except this point"...
Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I've checked a bit at your links.  Most of them are Cloud based, which is ok.

Someone tested few of this thousand providers listed on Capterra?  The only one i've tested yet was Mailchimp.
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