Best solution for new exchange 2013 server

Hi All

We currently have a domain We have also bought a new domain In we have exchange 2003. In we have not used as yet. We have licenses for exchange 2013 SP1 with 260 CALS. In future we will get rid of currently has windows server 2012 as DC and exchange 2003 with other file servers and application servers.The functional level of domain is at 2003 currently uses gsuite for users email. We need to install exhchange 2013 and get the mails to this exchange server
Can 2 domains be on the same network? e.g. dc for, dc for

We would like to move to exchange 2013. Our possible solution is to install a domain controller for and use that domain controller to install new exchange 2013. if we make the domains trust each other can users login to their mailboxes fine without any issues. Also how can i co-exist exchange 2013 and exchange 2003. Users in one domain should be able to access files email applications in another domain if I do put up a dc for

What would be the best possible solution for my scenario?
Do you need to have a domain controller for any exchange installation? i need a confirmation on this
Can a child domain be created and exchange installed in it? i have read that there is only one exchange per forest
Where are exchange CALS used in exchange 2013? Can CALS cause users to be logged of or not been able to connect
If the number of CALS is per user basis and you have less CALS what happens. What are the consequences?e.g. if you have 50 cals and you have 400 users what happens?
Can the (2013 Exchange Server Standard CAL - User CAL) CALS be upgraded for exchange 2016?
What kind of cost would i be looking at if i go for exchange 2016?
Member_2_6474242Senior Systems AdministratorAsked:
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Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
That is a lot.  I suggest concentrating on one aspect of your project at a time.  Here is a good starting point:
It's a complex migration and there's a lot to plan, validate and check.
In general, you don't really need to create multiple Windows domains for various INTERNET domains that you have. Everything can be accomplished within a single Windows domain.
On a very high-level you would need:
1. Migrate existing Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2013, (I recommend going with 2016, as Exchange 2019 will be released what it seems in less than 6 month) which will require installation of Exchange 2010 temporarily as you can't upgrade from Exchange 2003 directly to 2013.
2. Migrate g-suite mailboxes using IMAP migration to Exchange 2013. (I recommend going with 2016, as Exchange 2019 will be released what it seems in less than 6 month)

Your single Exchange install, can support multiple INTERNET domains and route mail correctly without an issue.

You should consult your local MS representative or simply call Microsoft Licensing support center. You do want to inquire and validate you in compliance directly from them.
Hemil AquinoNetwork EngineerCommented:
Can 2 domains be on the same network? e.g. dc for, dc for
Yes they can, as long you have properly configured your DNS settings for lookups.

There are two forms to accomplish this, easy way or hard way.

1- Migration "Hard way" (this mean upgrading from 2003,2010,2013, Ugh, just dont look at this)
2- New Installation "Easy way" (I guess you'd go with new Installation to avoid headaches)

Easiest way, My recommendation:

Before doing this I have to tell you, doing this type of things require lots of planning, do you have any SLA with the company? are you aware that you'd have to move user mailbox from one exchange to another?  My best solution for your scenario would be "Migration" since it will avoid me import and export users mailbox and configuration as well. Now I believe this might be a huge headache for you because it requires lot of exchange knowledge, is not as simple as it sounds but, here is something I recommend you to do.

1- Do not install exchange into a domain controller, is not a good practice nor good Idea.
2- Install active directory and DNS into a domain controller.
3- Make the exchange server to be member of the active directory.
4- Install Exchange server.
5- After the installation been successfully completed. From every workstation tell a IT junior or either users to create a backup of their data locally from OST to PST. So after you have created everybody's email and whanot you can start configuring the workstation with the new profile opening the PST that you backed up. NOTE: Do Not import it, just Open it. If you import it, then I will take lot's of time for the user be able to work.
6- Doing the step #5 that will give you time to export and import each user mailbox without them loosing any emails.
7- You dont need to link any mailbox since your organization resides within itself. All you need is planning and planning. Like I've mentioned the hard way to me would be the right candidate but It will require lots of knowledge and lots of writing which I dont want to do lol.

Having CALS in exchange is different from RDP, In exchange is not like a software key product, is more like a proof stating that you bought the license for each user/wokstation per say. That way, if somebody from your company says that you are running unlicensed product and you receive a letter saying we would like to see the authenticity of your software you can show them the proof. Otherwise you will ended up having an auditor scanning your whole system and paying lots of thousands dollars.

I hope this statement give you an Idea.
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David FavorLinux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
I'm with Ronin + Hemil, this is a very complex project.

If you've done this many times before, great. Setup a plan with incremental testing at every stage to validate/verify each stage is correct.

If this is your first time, open a Gig + hire someone to assist you.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
In your case, best option to setup Exchange 2013 or 2016 in domain first or the one, which  you want to use finally. Once you setup the Exchange server, you create new users and mailboxes and setup the mx/spf/ptr/A records and certificates.

Once all is set. You now need to start exporting mailboxes into PST's and merge data into new user mailboxes in And ask users to use new mailboxes.

Note: 2003 to 2013 or 2016 is not possible. So, export is the only way to go. You cannot setup any trust or linked mailboxes between 2003 and 2013/2016.

I advise you to hire professional Architect for your project. Or if you have that skill you can setup test lab first and the migrate into production.

Or you can look for Office 365 migration also. Use Quest tools, Quest tools can help you to migrate easily. I know, you will have lot more questions, however these kind of project need months of planning, test and finally implementation.

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Member_2_6474242Senior Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
thanks to all
Member_2_6474242Senior Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for your solutions
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