List all Mailbox Missing a x500 string that Contains..

I am trying to get a list of all mailboxes that are missing an X500 string that contain or starts with specific letters and another script that will list which X500 is marked as primary.

I have tried using get-mail -Filter{EmailAddress  -notlike"*something8"} as an example which does run but returns all X500's.

Any suggestions.
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Well at the end of the command type
 .... | fl Name

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Which will produced the named list of users which have that address.
Next, run the same command producing the list of all users.
Export the provided lists to Notepad++, sort alphabetically and compare.
Remove the ones which appear in both lists.
It's only one out of possible approaches.
Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
Is this what you mean?

Get-Mailbox -Filter 'EmailAddresses -like "x500:*"'

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Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
And for the second part:

Get-Mailbox -Filter 'PrimarySmtpAddress -like "*x500*"'

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compdigit44Author Commented:
THe problem is that I am trying to use  -notlike which seem to be return all x500 values that match and do not match
compdigit44Author Commented:
On a side note, in a hybrid setup with Exchange 2010 and Office 365, with 95% of our mailboxes now in the cloud, does it really matter which X500 is listed as primary?
No, I don't believe so.
Jason CrawfordTransport NinjaCommented:
I'm not aware of any circumstance, even in a hybrid setup with Exchange Online, where the x500 should be the PrimarySmtpAddress.  The x500 is only added as an alias to account for cached Autocomplete entries in Outlook.  All other mail routing will be determined either by the primary address or the targetAddress (generally a address) in AD.

In any case, either of these should work

Get-Mailbox -Filter 'EmailAddresses -notlike "x500:*"'

Get-Mailbox | Where-Object {$_.EmailAddresses -notlike 'x500*'}

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compdigit44Author Commented:
The first command seemed to work but second command listed all maiboxes if they matched or did not.  Also this command only disapyed the primary SMTP address not the X500.

Get-Mailbox -Filter 'PrimarySmtpAddress -like "x500:/*"'
Try this:
Get-Mailbox -Filter 'PrimarySmtpAddress -notlike "*x500:*"'

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