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hello Experts
I will purchase a WLC recently because there are so many autonomous APs which is not easy to manage, i am prefer to have a virtual one, i think i already know the advantage and drawback of the virtual WLC, but i still have something not clear need to be confirmed, appreciate your help
1. does virtual totally same physical WLC while using and configuring it?
2. does virtual WLC support all branch of Cisco APs?
3. while i reading some documents, says APs software need upgrade to at least version 7.3 so that could register to WLC, but i am confused, this version looks like the WLC software version not AP, as i know for APs just need install lightweight image should be fine, could you clarify this point?
4. i already download and deployed virtual WLC version 8.0 with 60 days evaluate license, but i can't get the virtual serial port works follow the installation guide(, when i try to telnet it seem connected but no any response, please let me know how to fix it.
for i have no experience using a WLC, so there are so many questions and thanks for your understanding.
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The virtual WLC is ok for most deployment models where you have remote sites. It does most of the things that a physical WLC does.  Configuration is done in the same way as the physical WLC once you have access to the GUI or CLI.

It won't support all models of AP but it depends on the version of the code you run which determines AP support.

All APs need to run the code which is compatible with the vWLC. The 7.3 minimum comes from the fact that the vWLC didn't exist until AireOS v7.3.  AP code is dictated by the vWLC version as the APs download code from the WLC when they join for the first time.

If you're having trouble with the serial port, try SSH instead. Telnet is disabled by default. Alternatively, reload the WLC via the hypervisor console and you will be able to redirect the serial output to the console, then you can configure the management interface and access via GUI.


thank you, and i just post another related topic, please kindly have a look then.

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