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Failover cluster slow (file server)

mikeydk asked

Just create a file server failover cluster (Continuous Availability).

(Microsoft Windows Server 2016)

When 1 node failes - it takes from 2-4 sec. before the download/upload resume.

Is it possible to make it fail over faster?

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Distinguished Expert 2019
2-4 seconds is the transition of the IP from one node to the other, and then have the change converge on the switch (arp table)
Depending on your setup, consider using dfs instead of cluster for file sharing.
You consume double the storage space (each system will have a copy of the data)
Dfs is a referral based system, when one target server has an issue, the client handles the transition to the new.

As to your question, I do not believe there is anything you can do to speed-up the transition.


Arnold> I have to use the file server for UPD (User Profile Disk).
Distinguished Expert 2019

So during the transition, the user experiences a lock-up or do they get kicked out.