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VMware workstation 14 and open vm tools shared folders with ubuntu

whorsfall asked

Can I please have the steps to install and mount the shared folders.

Also can I assume that I should use these instead of the included VMware tools within workstation.


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I would recommend you use the VMware Tools which ships with VMware Workstation, rather than Open VM Tools, because the tools may not support all the VMware Workstation functions.

Enabling Shared Folders is very straight forward, it's just selecting Enabled, rather than Disabled and pointing to a location on the host.

However, it can be tricking to mount the location in the VM, when using Linux, depending on your Linux experience.

Here is a web link for you to follow


Is the Host OS Windows ?

Sometimes it's easier just to MOUNT a Windows CIFS share from Linux, than use Shared Folders.
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I just loaded Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (to replace an older version). VMware Tools installed with the machine. Then following along what Andy posted above, VM, Settings, Options, Shared Folders and add your host drive. I just did this and it works fine.