Affinity in Chemistry

I am trying to find the term used in chemistry to describe the tendency of a 2-way chemical reaction to prefer one chemical combination over the other, such as in Keto-Enol in organic chemistry. I can only recall using the term affinity, but that is not precisely what I am looking for.
John DarbyPMAsked:
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There's no specific term as the chemical equilibrium can vary due to multiple factors.  In your Keto-Enol example the balance is determined by the tautomer with the lowest structural energy being favoured. Change the temperature of the reaction and the balance (and proportion)  shifts. Affinity really just describes the tendency for chemicals to react.
John DarbyPMAuthor Commented:
Thank you for that. Appreciate the insight. I like to be precise about terminology and it seems I f=do not get to be very precise with my use of a 'chemistry' term. I will probably use the term equilibrium to supplement the use of the term affinity. Thanks!
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