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PowerShell copy latest file to 2 locations, rename at destination locations

Hi everyone,

I'm leveraging an existing PowerShell script (see below) to work in the following method:

- Only copy the latest file in the source folder to a destination and archive directory (we use a job scheduler app to run every hour).
- Do not touch or move the source
- Drop the prefix of the file which starts with "OPT_" in only the destination and archive (i.e. rename-item to OPT_File_12345.csv to File_123456)
- When the job runs again, it should know not to copy previously copied files but understands they were renamed.

I've tried using -replace to remove the prefix, but now I am coming to realization this will require additional logic. Code is seen below.... can someone help??

# Set the path for our working directories
$Source_Folder = '\\pension2\shared\PPSA Dev\Src\'
$Archive_Folder = '\\pension2\shared\PPSA Dev\Arc\'
$SFTP_Folder = '\\pension2\shared\PPSA Dev\Dst\'

# This gets a collection of all of the files in each of our working directories
$Source_Files = Get-ChildItem "$Source_Folder\*.csv"
$Archive_Files = Get-ChildItem "$Archive_Folder\*.csv"
$SFTP_Files = Get-ChildItem "$SFTP_Folder\*.csv"

$Found = $False

# This loops through each file in the source directory and checks them against both destinations
$Source_Files | ForEach-Object {
    if (!(Test-Path($_.FullName.Replace($Source_Folder, $Archive_Folder)))) {
        # This is going to output every file we don't find
        Write-Host "$_.Name not found in $Archive_Folder"

        # This will Copy every file we didn't find
        Copy-Item $_.FullName -Destination $Archive_Folder -Verbose
        Copy-Item $_.FullName -Destination $SFTP_Folder -Verbose
        # This is a flag we're setting, so we can simply output if no files were found
        $Found = $True

# Output that we found no files
if (!($Found)) {
    Write-Host "No new files found."

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