How many combo boxes can be on a form in ms access 2013?

Since I can't get my 7th combo box to work on a for with 6 combo boxes, does ms access have a limit on the number of combo boxes on a form?
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Pawan KumarDatabase ExpertCommented:
There is no limit as far as i know.
There is a limit but it's pretty high.  Something around 800.  Have you compacted recently?  If you add a new control by dragging it from the ribbon, what name does Access assign.  That will give you a clue how many controls have ever been on this form.  If the number is in the hundreds, you might want to rebuild the form from scratch.  Start with a blank form, copy and paste all the controls.  Then copy and paste all the code.
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
Actually the limit for form controls is even higher; 1080 on the last version I checked.    It has slowly crept up over each version.   Specs state though that the number of controls on a form is limited to 754.

 However there is a catch there; it's given as 754 over the life time of the form.   If you add, delete, and then add a lot of controls on a form, you might hit the limit.  Once you hit that your stuck, and your left doing what Pat suggested (actually there is another way to reset it, but it's somewhat complicated).

 But in addition to that, I think you would find that a form with a lot of combo's to be very un-responsive if they were based on large record sets.   Usually if you have a form with many combo's, listbox's, or subforms, you don't populate the record sets until the first visit of the control.    This avoids a large startup delay, and optimizes performance in that if you don't visit a control, there's no performance hit.

 With all that said though, if you outlined what it is your doing in a bit more detail, that would be helpful.   You don't really say what the problem is.   Is it simply adding the control to the design surface?   or is it that the combo's are cascading and you can't link them together?  etc.

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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Probably you missed something that's why you are getting the 7th combobox to work....personally i feel so many comboboxes are way too many...i reckon 4 is the normal amount....maybe you need to redesign your concept....
There isn't a "normal" limit to combos on a form except for the hard limit of controls.  It depends on your application.  Search combos tend to have high row counts but the more typical choose an option type usually have very short lists.  Combos are however a "heavy" control and so the more you have the slower the form will be.  I just found one form that has 25.  It also has a dozen tabs with subforms..

7 combos is no where near too many but you have told us what "can't get my 7th combo box to work " means.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
I meant 7 cascading the area of a form you can have as many as you like...
Cascading combos are no different from other combos.  They only "cascade" because each combo controls the selection criteria for the next one in line.  I've never actually used more than 3 but I recently was helping a member and he was using the technique to filter a form and he had 8 of them.

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cssc1Author Commented:
Thanks everyone!
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