[Delphi] TCP Forwarding Between Client/Server

[Using Delphi] Hello Guys, i have a client/server unprotected application that cant be replaced and i dont have it sourcecode.
So i need to create a bridge between those applications like:
Client > ClientBridge > ServerBridge > Server
On ClientBridge i need encrypt the data sent from Client and on ClientServer i need decrypt those data and repass to server, server should answer so the process must be bidirectional.
I Could repass the data easily using Indy IdMappedTCPPort, however, i was wondering how to encrypt the data.
If i put any code on IdMappedTCPPort OnExecute() event the data is not repassed.
Keeping in mind that the "encrypt" could be of any type, the intention is to not allow the client comunicate directly with server without the bridge, and of course, protect the data.
Francinaldo WanderleyAsked:
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