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iPhone Bluetooth pairing to Creative T3150

curiouswebster used Ask the Experts™
I have trouble getting my Creative T3150 to become visible on Bluetooth. I turned BT on with my iPhone and my MacBook, and had the Creative T3150 powered on. Yet, it is not visible on my my iPhone not my MacBook.

Is there a step I need to execute on the Creative T3150 to become visible?

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a. Powering Up the speaker
Turn scroll wheel up to turn on speaker.
The LED status indicator will lit steady indicating the speaker is currently ON.

b. Establish Bluetooth Connection
To allow pairing to other Bluetooth devices, Press and hold the Bluetooth button (#3 Button at the rear side of the Main Unit in diagram below) until 2 beep tones are heard and LED blinks rapidly.

Creative T3150 Main Unit
c. On Bluetooth device
i. Turn ON the Bluetooth feature on your device.
ii. Search for Creative T3150.
iii. Pair and connect to Creative T3150. If prompted for passcode,
 enter 0000.
iv. Pairing successful, ready to stream music.

d. Ready to stream music via Bluetooth®
Scroll volume wheel up or down to increase or decrease volume. You may
also adjust your source device volume settings to increase or decrease volume.

The above is essentially the same for most Bluetooth audio device and you need to locate the Bluetooth button in the device and look up the user manual to see how many seconds you need to press the Bluetooth button to make the device visible.
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I forgot the button #3 was even there.  Thanks.