Why can't I make Combo Boxes on the form frmRespiratorScreen that work?

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On the screen frmRespiratorScreen when I place a Combo Box on the screen it does not work.

1. Add a lookup field that pulls from any table in the tblSilica1 table.
2. Add the newly created field to the query QrylSilica1
3. Open the form frmRespiratorScreen
4. Put the form frmRespiratorScreen in design mode
5. Select Add Existing Fields from the Toolbar
6. Put the form frmRespiratorScreen in nForm View
7. Try using the Combo box
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It works for me.  What field are you trying to add that it doesn't work for you?

There are a number of problems with your schema.
1. Calling all the tables Silica with a suffix doesn't make any sense.  Use more descriptive names.
2. Object names should include only letters (upper and lower), numbers, and the underscore.  Embedded spaces and special characters should not be used.  Nor should reserved words
3. The tables are not normalized.  Many have multiple repeating groups  Others have fields where multiple values will be entered.  It would help you to spend some time trying to understand normalization. I don't have a clear enough understanding of the app to attempt to restructure it for you but I would start with removing all the employee data to a separate table.  Think about what would happen if you needed to monitor more than 10 employees.  Think about all the tables, forms, queries, code that would have to be changed to add even 1 more person.  In a properly normalized database, adding data would never result in those types of changes.  You have taken a spreadsheet or series of paper forms and made them tables.  It is important to analyze these objects and reorganize them into a relational database rather than simply trying to replicate them.
4. The "enter number" prompt on many of the forms doesn't make any sense.  How would you add something new if all you can do is to open an existing record?
Sorry, poor selection of words on my part.
The combo box displays the wrong field, just numbers.
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Combos have many properties.  Here are some you need to understand how to control how the combo looks and works.
Data Tab:
ControlSource - if empty, the control is unbound.  If filled, this is the name of a field from the Form's RecordSource
RowSource - usually the name of a table or query but it depends on the next property.  This produces the LIST you see when the arrow is pressed.
RowSourceType - Table/Query is the normal option and RowSource holds the name of the table or query.
BoundColumn - Usually column 1 but any column will work. This is the column whose value will be saved to the ControlSource
LimitToList - almost always should be Yes
AllowValueListEdits - almost always should be No
Format  Tab:
ColumnCount - the number of columns in the RowSource
ColumnWidths: - this is the answer to your question Use 0 to hide a column, and some positive number to show it.  In most combos, the first column is the bound column and that is usually a number.  It is NOT however what we want to see.  Usually we want to see one of the other columns in the RowSource.  So if you set the value to o";1" -- the first column will be hidden and the second will be 1 inch wide.
ListWidth - you may need to adjust this if you selected more than a couple of columns for the RowSource

Other Tab
Name - this is the name property of the control.  If you chose from the available fields list or use a wizard to build the form, Access will assign the ControlSource name as the  Name property.  I (and many other experts) prefer to use a naming standard to give the Name property a different name from the ControlSource so in our code we can tell what object we are referring to.  Also, for unbound controls, you don't want to end up with names like combo78 or text102.  Always give your controls meaningful names.

Do try to learn more about relational databases and proper normalization before continuing.  It is far better to start with a sound foundation now than to try to fix it later.  Just ask those people in the very expensive high-rise in San Francisco whose building is tipping.  Just think about the problem you will have with trying to add an 11th person.  If you are in a hurry and need help, use a GIG to hire someone.  Even then, it would be best to post the schema for a final sanity check before building forms and reports and queries.  I have been developing software since 1968 and I can tell you it is always easier to do it right than to do it twice and you are off to a very wrong start.


Thanks you very much
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You're welcome.

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