How can I make the display text in a combo box invisible?

I use Access 2010.
I have a combo box in a form. I use the combo box to find and display a specific record.
When I click on the arrow of the combo box, I want to see the list in black text as by default.
After selecting I want the combo box text to be invisible. (Equal to the background color.)
The reason is that after selecting and while I navigate the form in other ways. I do not want to see the last selection that I made.
Fritz PaulAsked:
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Fritz PaulAuthor Commented:
This works in VBA. I actually wanted to use a macro.

"Private Sub Combo271_AfterUpdate()
    'Moves to Cultivar Name text box and
    'finds the record of whatever name is selected in the combo box
    Me!Cul_ID.SetFocus 'Cul_Id is the primary key.
    DoCmd.FindRecord Me!Combo271
    'Set value of combo box equal to a string
    Me!Combo271.Value = "Find Another"
End Sub"

The "Find Another" does not appear, but the combo box is empty. What I wanted.
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