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Security/Privacy related question.  Can text be detected in say a .jpg, . bmp, etc. type file formats?  I know using text within .pdfs can be with OCR.  When I say "detected" I mean with use of a SIEM, DLP or other event driven software?  Not referring to steganography or obfuscation of text in anyway.  Just simple text detection in a jpg or bmp format.  Much thanks.
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AlanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Absolutely - do a search for:

"Optical Character Recognition" OR OCR

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You will find masses of information out there.

Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
in fact, you can use software like Bullzip PDF printer to print ANY file as PDF then use OCR to extract a text file...

I would note that, if you are printing something to PDF that has the actual text within it, then you don't need OCR at all - the text will be in the PDF.

If you are printing an image to PDF, then you are probably wasting your time, as most OCR software will work with most image formats, not just PDF.

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