How to delegate write permission to isCriticalSystemObject ?

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In Active Directory, there is an attribute ( isCriticalSystemObject ) for a distribution lists that I would like to be able to delegation write rights to a ;particular security group such all users who are domain users in AD whose accounts are also all members of an IT security group.

How can this be done? If this is done through the delegation of the OU, or group, then which of the object properties should be selected to find and narrow down to the "isCriticalSystemObject" from the delegation wizard/panel in ADUC?

I would like all members of the IT security group to be able to edit at will the Boolean value of the ""isCriticalSystemObject"" from true to false etc for all distributions lists that we have that attribute for.

Right now, even with Schema and Domain admin, when manually attempting to edit just one of the isCriticalSystemObject for a particular DL, gets SAM error message.
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Not allowed, see this,
search for isCryticalSystemObject.  You need to adjust the replication as indicated above

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