I have lost a list in SharePoint

I made a list in SP using columns. It had a quick launch on the left. This was SP 3.0. It seemed finished, but when I closed the company web and clicked on the Referrals list, it didn't show any columns. The information is in the custom site page.

Here is an example of how it should look:

The referrals list with the columns gone:

The settings page showing the info still there:

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Walter CurtisConnect With a Mentor SharePoint AEDCommented:
The list is not lost, but the view has been changed. You can modify the default view at the url:


or create a new view. The "Create View" link is shown towards the bottom of your third screenshot.

Good luck...
Bert2005Author Commented:
Thanks Walter,

So, I got all that figured out. Found it and edited it. I hope I can ask a few other questions pertaining to this list.

1. Is there a way to make a field when you are making a new referral for a patient or editing it so that if you type a lot in the field, the words under the column in SharePoint wrap around and only take up a predetermined space. That would, of course, move the next field down.
2. Can I make a telephone field so that it automatically looks like (xxx) 555-3333?
3. Finally, how do I delete all of the sites I made before I made the final site the default.


Bert2005Author Commented:
Yikes. I thought I had selected an answer and awarded points. EE used to email me about an abandoned question in four days, not twelve. To be honest, I was hoping to get some advice on my post where I said thanks and informed you that your answer solved the problem. I guess I forgot after the question was still open.

Also, suppose the other questions didn't relate to the first. So, I will have to open a new question.
Bert2005Author Commented:
I guess the request won't go through.
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
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