Could not see NAT entry in Cisco Router

Dear Experts, I setup a static NAT entry on Cisco Router 3925, write memory after that, but when I hit: "show run | in ip nat", I could not find that entry but we can use that public IP address. Can you please suggest?
DP230Network AdministratorAsked:
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Beside typo in regex part:
- some other device is performing NAT
DP230Network AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Yes, actually that network (let's say was NAT over a pool of IP public (overload) and we configure static NAT a host ( to use another public IP address.

When I issued command "show ip nat translations | inc", I could see the NAT translations via that IP public but could not find it in "show run" command. So is that Okay? or is that a bug? Can we fix it?
NAT configuration should be present in running configuration (even if it part of some VRF, and not part of global configuration), otherwise it should not NAT traffic. Maybe IOS do not accept space in REGEX (maybe should be written as sh run | i ip_nat

Check running configuration without REGEX, or try to issue just
sh run | i nat
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If there is no NAT statements in running configuration, please, check if your traffic is tunneled. That would be the case if your traffic is sent to some other location and then sent to ISP from that location (being natted there).
DP230Network AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Hi, the problem was solved after I deleted the entry, then re-added it. Not sure what happened but many thanks for your comments :)

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Not sure how entry that was not there can be deleted.
You're welcome.
Generally, there is no possibility to delete statement that is not present in configuration and re-add it.
Either, statement was present in configuration or not.
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