Internal Domain Name Rename

We have one client company was buy over by another company, they need to change the abc.local to cba.local. Please advise how to do the domain name rename and for all the server and client. Please advise.
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Leslie MaclachlanCommented:
You cannot rename the domain.  You will need to set up trust between the two domains.  Rename member server domain to the new company name. Then move your exchange mailboxes and users to the new companies domain.  Once complete, you can decommission your old domain.
You COULD rename the domain, but it would make no sense for the purposes of integrating the company into the acquiring company. The trust relationship approach Leslie mentioned would be a far better way to go about it. I'm also assuming that a site-to-site VPN is either in place or getting ready to be put in place.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Renaming the domain won't make it work with your existing domain.  You need to migrate the existing domain into the new domain.  Domains use unique random IDs that make sure the names, even if they match, are NOT considered the same.
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