Sugessions to manage the fileserver- File server space keeps growing.

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We have our file server on windows 2012 and the share keeps growing and I noticed that these are departmental folders and files that are left and may not be required any more.
Its is the departmental responsibility take initiatives to go through and tidy up as what is needed and what is not required and needs deleted.

We have a media server  and users have been instructed to save media related files to the Media server. Instead many still the staff keep copying media related files to departmental shares and home drives, that keep the file server taking the space.

Not sure how you manage the growth of the space on the file servers. Do you send email periodically to reminding the staff to delete unnecessary files.

Any suggestions to manage this will be great.
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Hi Lianne,

First, you need to make sure that the business (which means the management) is onside with the existing policies - at least your manager(s) direct up to the top, even if not the 'departmental' managers.

If so, then just enforce the company policy as it has been laid down.

If departments hit their limit, block their ability to save files (and make sure they cannot save stuff to their local machines instead!)

If media files are saved on the wrong server, remove them each night (I would move them to another location, not the correct location else you will train them to be lazy, and have them request that the files are restored which might take a day :-)

If management don't support the stated policies, then make sure they understand the implications (get it in writing - email), and let it go.

Hope that helps,

Muhammad BurhanManager I.T.
Top Expert 2015
you can configure quotas in file server with email notification, so whenever users trying to put file on the server they simply get an email which notifies the quota limit. In result, all of them may call or email you for the problem and then you have to educate them politely regarding the main cause which is the data duplication. lastly you have to configure screening for share folders.
Shaun VermaakSenior Consultant
Awarded 2017
Distinguished Expert 2018
Install and configure dedup

Good advice offered.

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