SSL Cert ificate Not Showing for binding to IIS

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I am have a 2012 server running IIS.  I created a CSR, dropped it into Godaddy's tool and was issued a certificate and an intermediary certificate.  I put those on the local server, went into MMC and added the certficate snap in.  I imported the certificate to the personal and the Trusted Root Certification Authorities areas.  

I then went to IIS manager and tried to edit the binding for the server on port 443.  When selecting the certificate, nothing is there to select.

A support person from Microsoft said that it was because there wasn't a private key.  I tried the "certutil -repairstore my "s/n (or thumbprint) of cert here)" but I am then prompted to insert a smart card.  We don't use these.  

This IIS server is using owncloud and is connected to the LDAP.  Does that have anything to do with it?  

Hoping someone that is better at SSL certs then I can help.

Thanks in advance.  IIS server is down until I get a certificate back on.
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You need to finish the Certificate process from the server that created the CSR.  There is no need to use the Cert Manager when installing the CSR'ed SSL Cert for IIS.

What you DO need to use Cert manager for is to add the Intermediate Certs to the IIS Server.

The process is well documented by GoDaddy:

systechSenior Technical Lead


Which format the certificate you imported into certificate console>>Personal store?. IIS will recognize the certificate bydefault if it is in .'cer' or '.crt' formats.

If it's other than this format, you need to export the certificate from Certificate console, by selecting either of these formats then import and check.


Thanks for the tip and the link.  This step by step from GoDaddy worked perfectly.
Dan McFaddenSystems Engineer

Glad you got it resolved.


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