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Surface cover driver

I have a surface, not sure if it's a pro 2 or pro 3 or what.
However, it's being a huge pain cause I can't get the cover keyboard to work on the surface.

At one point, it wasn't working, I uninstalled the HID kybd device, restarted, did update and security and it found updates and started to work. Now after the weekend. It's not working again. I tried the same, with no luck.

Looking under device manager, hidden devices, I see a
"Surface type cover filter"  indicating error code 45, device not connected. But it is and was working.. also tried other cover kybds.

Was hoping someone has some expert advice on this matter.

I have also tried the holding the pwr and vol up to get into firmware.

I this it's mis reading my surface cover as a regular kybd and seeing the surface kybd as not connected
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Even when I update the driver and specify
"Surface type cover filter device" from HID kybd device
It still doesn't work.

Not sure why it should be so difficult to get
A Microsoft surface cover kybd to work on
A Microsoft surface pro using
Microsoft Windows 10.
Brian B

So you are saying another cover keyboard didn't work either? In that case would agree the problem is the driver. Suggest you delete the keyboard drivers from device manager entirely, then reinstall them from scratch.

There is a chance there is something wrong with the Surface hardware as well that could be causing this, especially if the problems seems to be intermittent.

Seem that the biggest issue is the surface is seeing the type cover as simply another HID kybd instead of correctly.
Uninstalling the device, it returns as an HID kybd.

I was again able to delete the device from device manager and did an update and it seemed to find an update to apply. After sometime applying the update, the surface type kybd and mouse worked again but only for about 2 hours. Came back from lunch and it no longer worked.
That's what's been happening. I remove the device, get it to do and update or correctly see the kybd after struggling to have the surface pro not see it as simply an HID kybd, then it works for an hour or so, then no longer works.

Can't see why I should be having ANY difficulty  getting a
Microsoft kybd to work with a
Microsoft tablet using a
Microsoft OS.

Very frustrating....
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Walt Forbes
Brian B

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Will try reimagining thank you