trying to set up virtual printer on LPT1: cannot delete LPT1: on server 2008 r2

I need to delete the LPT1: port on a server box, however when i go to delete it, i get "selected port cannot be deleted. The request is not supported"
i saw a solution that stated stop the print spooler service 1st, i then tried it again and got "selected port cannot be deleted.  the local print spooler service is not running. please restart the spooler or restart the machine.
i am trying to get alphatronics Virtual Port Monitor to make the virtual port LPT1:
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MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
Just wondering. Have you attempted to uninstall the port through device manager? And check in device manager whether any hidden devices are listed using LTP1?
csePixelatedAuthor Commented:
Only com ports are listed in "ports (com & LPT)" even when show hidden devices is selected.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
Ok. Often a system reboot or restarting the print spooler would resolve these type of issues.
Bit surprised that nothing is listed under Ports (COM & LTP) such as example on my system below

If nothing is listed then the queue might be partially deleted so I would assume a reboot would fix that.
Also the ports need to be enabled in the BIOS. They generally are by default, but at times people disable it when not requiring it.
An option if this is not the case would be to update the chipset drivers for the system if applicable (Not applicable on virtual servers)
If virtual are you using pass through for the LTP?

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csePixelatedAuthor Commented:
ports are showing up, just not LPT ports.
I have rebooted all errors remain the same. - the BIOS has no options for LPT ports i am running Dell Poweredge 2950 gen III.
from what i understand from my software vendor whatever printer i am using is using direct printing and the port must be LPT1: however i cannot name virtual port LPT1: as the port alreadyexists.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
If you run NET USE in a CMD window, do any devices show as using LTP1?
I am assuming that there is a printer mapped to it which might need to be deleted before the port can be removed.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
If you type NET USE at a command prompt, this should show all drive and port mappings.
NET USE LPT1: /DELETE should clear any existing mappings.

Does any port mapping for LPT1: exist?
csePixelatedAuthor Commented:
no port mapping seems to exist, its like its just part of windows and cannot be removed...
csePixelatedAuthor Commented:
looks like i found a work around.
I made 2 printers one generic text using port LPT1: and a second generic text using the virtual port, I shared the 2nd printer.
i then used NET USE LPT1: \\\<2nd printer share name>
now it prints to file cleanly... it would seem that the tag LPT1: - LPT3 are not removable.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
NET USE did not show port in use on screenshot so it might not have been in use hence it could not delete.
Setting a printer to it should make it available and accessible for delete, but as adding a printer to it is what was required, it no longer needs removal. Good to see you found a solution in this case. Good luck :)
csePixelatedAuthor Commented:
In the end i was never able to replace the LPT1: port on the port list with my virtual port, as the question asked. not sure why.
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