Powershell Script - Download File and Show Progress Bar

Hello, Experts!

I am needing a script help with showing a progress bar when downloading a big file.

Here is my script:

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri https://url/to/file/filename.7z -OutFile C:\temp\NLB.7z

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I would like for when the download kicks off it shows a progress bar in the output window as to how far you are in the download.
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroCEOCommented:
I think is not an async call, so it basically blocked your console where you run it.

$uri= "https://download.teamviewer.com/download/TeamViewer_Setup.exe"
$out= "F:\TeamViewer_Setup.exe"

[System.Net.WebClient]$wc = new-object System.Net.WebClient

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this will create a background job that can be accessed using the regular event handling for .NET
Described here:
Using that logic it can be archived the progress bar

You can subscribe these events and should register using PS commands.
Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroCEOCommented:
I got it to work like this.
$uri= "https://download.teamviewer.com/download/TeamViewer_Setup.exe"
$out= "F:\TeamViewer_Setup.exe"
 $Global:isDownloaded = $false
[int]$totalBytes =0
[int]$receivedByte =0

#Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $uri -OutFile $out

Get-EventSubscriber | Unregister-Event
Get-Job | Remove-Job -Force

[System.Net.WebClient]$wc = new-object System.Net.WebClient

Register-ObjectEvent -InputObject $wc -EventName DownloadFileCompleted -SourceIdentifier Web.DownloadFileCompleted -Action {    
    $Global:isDownloaded = $True

Register-ObjectEvent -InputObject $wc -EventName DownloadProgressChanged -SourceIdentifier Web.DownloadProgressChanged -Action {
    $Global:Data = $event

While (-Not $isDownloaded) {
    $percent = $Global:Data.SourceArgs.ProgressPercentage 
    $totalBytes = $Global:Data.SourceArgs.TotalBytesToReceive
    $receivedBytes = $Global:Data.SourceArgs.BytesReceived 

    $receivedBytes/= 1kb
    $totalBytes/= 1kb
    If ($percent -ne $null) {
        Write-Progress -Activity ("Downloading {0} from {1}" -f $out,$uri) -Status ("{0} kbytes \ {1} kbytes" -f $receivedBytes,$totalBytes)  -PercentComplete $percent

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sj77Author Commented:
This worked for me, thanks, Jose!
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