Microsoft Azure Windows Server Client Access licensing

By reading from many unnamed sources I understand that the per-hour fee of Azure Windows Server instance includes Windows Server license and Client Access.

Now lets say that I spin up a Windows server instance into my subscription, install AD DS role(s) and join my customers workstation to the new domain. (Something Something network/VPN/etc. related in between) My customer has access only to the services from the server and has no knowledge or access to the underlying virtual hardware.

Obviously the server instance is licensed (me as the owner, ...right?) and my own Client Access should be set, but is my customers Client Access covered as an user/external user?
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, it is covered, but Windows Server CALs are not required for accessing Windows Server running in the Azure environment because the access rights are included in the per-minute charge for the Virtual Machines. Use of Windows Server on-premises (whether in a VHD or otherwise) requires obtaining a separate license and is subject to the normal licensing requirements for use of software on-premises.

somicoyAuthor Commented:
I was pretty sure it would work that way but it's always good to know I did not miss anything obvious.
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