Paradox Table Data Missing

I apologize for having to start another thread regarding this. But it's been over a week since the problem occurred. I have messaged a few members on here who are for hire but to no avail.

So the last time, my computer had a power outage while I was inserting data into a table on paradox. When I turn back on the computer and try to access the table it says the index was out of date. I believe it was because the something was written on the primary index and not the secondary which resulted in a header inconsistency. As suggested I downloaded some auto table rebuild/repair software; including the one that came with paradox (TUTILITY). After I rebuilt the index using TUILITY the problem was fixed, but another problem in another index occurred. This led me to doing a series of trial and error with the different software, and the outcome varied.

It seemed the more I messed with it,, little bits and pieces were being fixed, while I think perhaps I was making the problem more complex. And finally where I'm at now, most of the data is fine and I can work with, except one key component. My QTY-LEFT.DB shows some of the items with quantity left and the product order number, while a bunch of random ones are missing. I'm not sure if one of the software I used overwrote something. I deleted all my old files and index because I thought everything was fixed. It wasn't until I realized that this little bit was missing.

I've been working on it for eight hours straight today, but still stuck on a standstill. It's really vital information for my company. I have no idea why some pieces are missing and some aren't. Wouldn't the all the data have been erased of it was overwritten? I was looking into paradox file recovery software and some are relatively expensive. And I'm not sure if it'll even fix the problem. Perhaps there's another software out there that I'm not aware of? I'm beginning to think by altering one file it causes a domino effect and affects another file.

I didn't program the paradox myself. My partner did who is no longer with us. I apologize again for having to start another thread, but I am quite frustrated so thank you guys for your patience. I also am not computer-savy at all so I may be using some wrong words interchangeably. Please let me know if there's any additional information that would be needed to help this problem. Thanks in advance
Stan LeeAsked:
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Stan LeeAuthor Commented:
Ok so actually having worked on it some more, I think the problem might be within the programming and a certain function is perhaps missing?

I guess it would be difficult to explain here since you guys wouldn't know the exact nature of the tables and indexes. I replaced a considerable amount of the missing data within the quantity left table(which is what I had left on hand) and the item description automatically popped up and filled in the blanks when I did. This means it shouldn't be that the data is entirely lost. So I think it goes back to the problem being the table and not data loss. And rebuilding a table would make sense.

But when I used some of the auto-rebuild software like I said I had mixed results. Some would wipe the table entire clean of some old data. Is there a manual way for me to access the tables, view them, and reprogram certain tables? I guess a repair software would be better than rebuild? I apologize if I'm using the incorrect terms.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
rebuild ... from what i remember from back then ... 2001-2002
a rebuild tool creates a new table with the same structure as the original table
  1. copies all (not deleted) records to the new table
  2. adds all the constraints to the new table
  3. adds all the indexes
  4. renames the original table
  5. renames the new table to the original table

default behavior for paradox (and dbase) was to set a hidden column "deleted" to 1 for a deleted record
the rebuilding had 2 meanings:
cleanup the deleted data, and make the app faster again

there were tools which renamed the original table first and created the new table with the same name as the original
the drawback was that approach could fail, and you have to manually rename the original table
Stan LeeAuthor Commented:
I see. So in my scenario using the table rebuild tool actually worsened my problem. i do have a few different copies of my QTYLEFT.DB file. and one after using TUTILITY just removed all the items which had empty fields in the purchase order and on-hand columns.
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