Skype for business audio video conference between 2 sites issues- urgent

I did more troubleshooting on the Skype issue, and found it is definitely a video issue.  Event viewer shows Event ID 4101: Display driver iqfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered.  This happened after about 10 minutes on skype with anoter staff at the other office.  I noticed when the meeting is showing full screen performance is awful.  The mouse stutters slowly across the screen, and video seems inconsistent.  This happened on both ends.  We compared systems and both have i5’s of the same generation, and Intel HD 4600 video.  The one site system has 8GB of RAM, and another has 4 GB.  It looks like neither system is capable of handling skype maximzed without a serious performance issue, or crash.  While skype did freeze I was able to hear other IT support,  but not see him.  I stopped video, and then started it again.  please advise me what to do. Tomorrow we have an executive level conference between these 2 sites.
abcd ab01Asked:
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William ArcherTechCommented:
I would start by updating the drivers (gfx).

If the problem still persists then uninstall the current drivers, then reboot the machine and install the new ones from the link above. Not from the manufacturers site (Dell, HP, Lenovo).
abcd ab01Author Commented:
Thank you
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